June 13, 2019

Episode 50 Mixed Signals: Pay to Play

The On The Radar Podcast features music and interviews from artists coming to, through, and from the greater Midwest regions.

The second edition of MIXED SIGNALS is here for the monumental 50th episode! Peapod takes a panel of previous guests discussing this time on how musicians take the music back, along with other topics including buying likes and streams, dealing with venues/promoter making artists jump through unnecessary hoops, and what does making music mean to an artist.

The panel is made up of guitarist and signer Cari Langenderfer from Amelia Airharts , singer/songwriter Varie, singer and keyboard player Dustin Galish from Tree No Leaves, singer and drummer of Outside Evin Daniels, and hip-hop artist Raine Wilder.

Host: Christopher "Peapod" Daher

Producer: Travis Geiman of Bigfoot Studios

Intro: Dean Tartaglia and Steve Warstler

Logo: Alex Baird of Trapezoid Design Company

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